Ślusarska 9, Kraków, Polska


About Us

We specialize in super slow motion image acquisition using current high-speed digital cameras from Vision Research: Phantom Flex 4K, Phantom Flex 2K, Phantom Miro. Our broad range of camera models makes us a perfect match when working on a feature film, documentary, commercial or a scientific project.

Where We Operate

Our base of operations is located in Kraków, Poland and in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but we provide services all over Europe. The broad network of inexpensive flights lets us arrive at almost any film set that is located further away than one day drive from our office. To decrease the cost of flight related shipping, all the common film accessories such as the tripod, head, plate, matte box, batteries, monitors, etc. can be hired from a local rental company.

How We Operate

We approach each customer individually. We offer guidance on the best high-speed solutions and selection of the appropriate camera for your project. We take care of the insurance and transport of the film crew and cameras to save your valuable time in pre-production.

The Team

Our highly skilled team will guide you through the entire process of high-speed image acquisition. When required, we will also advise you in post-production. We speak English, German, French, Polish, and Slovenian. Most shoots require a two-person crew, consisting of a camera technician and a digital imaging technician. Thanks to our experience and expertise, in some scenarios it is possible to rent equipment with just one technician, which decreases the expenses even further.