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Phantom 2K Gold Camera Rent for any location in Europe

Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera Rent

  • Just under 1000 fps at 2K resolution
  • Up to 1050 fps at FullHD resolution
  • 35mm depth-of-field
  • 14-bit sensor bit depth
  • Continuous high speed recording
  • Live preview
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • Phantom Cine raw and Apple ProRes 422 HQ recording formats
  • PL lens mount

Camera Features

Has what it takes

This may very well be just an updated first generation Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera. It is however, same as it was on the day of its release, a very capable tool for high speed image acquisition. At its current rental price point its a no-brainer choice for tight budget shoots.

Broad range of applications

Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera from Vision research is a first of its kind ultra high speed camera designed and dedicated for the Film-making industry. It is capable of slowing down the footage a whopping forty times. This super slow motion effect can be used not only in commercials, but also in feature films as well as a large variety of scientific projects.

Camera specs

The Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera is able to register footage at a greater resolution than its official name would suggest – 2K at close to 1000 frames per second. It is available at High Speed Rental with the PL mount.

At the most commonly used resolution of 2040 x 1156 pixel it offers a field of view and depth of field of a super 35 mm sensor. The high speed camera registers a colour image in Cine raw file format. The 32GB of the built in memory allows to record over 8 seconds of high speed footage at 1050 fps at FullHD resolution taking nearly 6 minutes to playback at 25p. On top of that a continuos recording of slow motion footage directly to the CineMag II memory card is possible as well (rented out separately)The camera can deliver a square 1:1 image proportion footage so commonly used on social media platforms. The sensor is a 2048 x 2048 px at which sensor size the camera is capable of capturing roughly 550 frames per econd. The camera has been equipped with an unprecedented 14 bit colour depth sensor which makes the captured footage both beautiful and unique.

It is said that many of the DOPs that worked with the entire range of Phantom cameras prefers the HD Gold 2K captured image over what the newer Phantom camera models are able to register

Professional support

High speed cameras from Vision Research are being rented out with our highly qualified crew only. To be able to use the full cameras potential both knowledge and expertise is needed. Because of that the camera is always rented out with a technician responsible for proper camera operations as well as seamless data transfer.

Workflow considerations

Shooting schedule

When working with the Phantom HD Gold 2K High Speed Camera, the shooting schedule needs to be properly adjusted. To handle the tremendous amount of data (1000 frames per second recorded in RAW format make up for 32GB in eight seconds) the footage is being stored using the internal RAW memory of the camera. Because this type of storage is volatile the data has to be offloaded to an external non volatile drive. This process takes time which is something to consider when setting up the shooting schedule.

File format

The Cine raw file format used by Phantom High Sped cameras allows to achieve the highest possible image quality. What it also offers is a great flexibility in post production. Cine raw files are being natively supported by a variety of editing and colouring software so there is no need for file conversion prior to edit. For lower framerates the 10 bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ recoding mode is available as well. It keeps the high speed footage quality, simplifies the workflow, and reduces the data transfer time.

Work environment

The Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera Rent is dedicated mainly for film sets where it is possible to control the camera of a laptop that’s connected to the camera with a five meters long Ethernet cable. When planning a set with frequent changes of the shooting location, we recommend the Phantom VEO 4K Phantom Flex 4K or Phanotm Miro kits available from High Speed Rental.

Similar Phantom camera models

The main competitors to the Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera are the Phantom Flex 2K as well as the Phantom Miro LC320S FullHD cameras. Renting either of those out is noticeably more expensive though. Each of the cameras is dedicated to a slightly different kind of shooting scenario.

The Phantom Miro LC321S is the smallest VRI camera. Dedicated for the sort of shooting that has to have a small gear weight as well as the ease of use. Freeride in high speed? This the camera for you. Its nearly as easy to operate as Sony Handycam camcorders. The downside is that at 16×9 frame aspect ratio it records only FullHD resolution. The Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera beats it here giving the user at 16:9 2080×1156 px so 107% FullHD either side. The 330 000 additional pixels may prove quite useful in post production. The Miro LC321S also offers a lower bit depth as well as a smaller sensor, similar in size to micro 4/3 which is not without its influence to the captured image characteristics. As for the Flex 2K, its ergonomy is very nearly identical to the Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera. It however offers both, a greater resolution as well as higher image sensitivity.

These advantages come at a premium though.If you are after a 4K resolution high speed footage acquisition, than the Phantom Flex 4K as well as the VEO 4K are also available with our High Speed Cameras Rental.

Tech Specs

Lens mount PL (standard)
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor size Super 25.6 x 25.6 mm or 35mm (S35) 25.6 x 13.85 mm
Maximum resolution 2048 x 2048 pixel
Pixel count 4.19 Megapixels
Bit depth 14 bits
Dynamic range 11 stops
Base ISO 320
Shutter 360 degrees adjustable electronic shutter
Internal RAM memory 32GB
Storage medium CineMag II 128 GB (rented separately)
Recording format Cine raw (to get the most out of your grade), Apple ProRes 422 HQ (external)
Maximum datarate
Video out: HD-SDI 4:2:2 1080p signal
Power input Fisher 3-pin 24V
Power tension 20-36 VDC
Power draw 150W
Onboad battery
Power outputs N/A
Dimensions 30.8 x 19.4 x 13.97 cm
Weight 6 kg (12.1 lbs)

Frame Rates

Image resolution Maximum frame rate in Standard Mode recording Recording time in Loop Mode Maximum frame rate in Run/Stop Mode recording direct to CineMag
2048 x 2048   554 fps 8.4 seconds N/A
2048 x 1152   984 fps 8.4 seconds N/A
1920 x 1080 1050 fps 8.4 seconds N/A
1280 x 720 1572 fps 8.4 seconds N/A

Picture Characteristics

Image resolution Image proportions Sensor dimensions (mm)
2048 x 2048 full sensor max res 1:1 25.6 x 25.6
2048 x 1152 2K 1.78:1 25.6 x 14.4
1920 x 1080 FullHD (FHD) 1.78:1 24.0 x 13.5
1280 x 720 HD 1.78:1 16.0 x 9.0

Please consider preparing yourself well for Phantom HD Gold 2K Camera Rent by checking out the Phantom Recording Time Calculator were you will find more details on frame rates, as well as recording times. Please use the following values for our camera:

  • Camera Model: Phantom HD
  • Memory: 32GB